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Army Of Frogs Hints
Below are various hints that you may find useful while playing 'Army Of Frogs'. 
These hints are by no means exhaustive and of course you can discover your own strategies.

Note: For demonstration purposes, you are the blue player in all of these diagrams.
There are many possible routes your Frog can take to victory.  Take some time to work out the best move for your Frog.
If you find that one of your Frogs is unable to move to get to its 'froggy' friends, then instead of waiting for someone to free it, try to extend the line from your other Frogs to join the stranded Frog.
Use the rules to your advantage. Remember that the only way to move a Frog which is the only link between two parts of the island is to move it to a position where it re-links the island (the frog pieces in the game). You may find that moving a Frog just this one space could work to your advantage.
If you keep picking your opponents' Frogs from the bag, this may not necessarily be a bad thing. If you can, add them in positions that stop your opponent from being able to add more of their own Frogs as in position 'A': As players may only add Frogs of their own colour where they are not in contact with any of their existing Frogs, Green will be unable to add another Frog after this turn. Otherwise, try to add your opponents' Frogs where it is difficult for your opponent to link them to the rest of their Frogs 'B'.
When adding Frogs of your own colour, try to position them where they are mostly surrounded by other Frogs. This makes it harder for your opponents to use the one island rule against you and leave your Frog unable to move.
Look for opportunities to add Frogs to places that could free otherwise trapped Frogs. If you add one of your opponents' Frogs where it touches their other Frogs, your opponent may be less likely to move it.


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