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Introducing iPhone/iPod Touch Hive
Hive iOS app - 10,000 downloads in 1 week

The Hive iOS is now available and we've had over 10,000 downloads in the space of 1 week.  The next update was submitted, which fixes the GameCenter issues.

We are very proud to present our most awarded flagship game, Hive® is now available on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Hive's unique game play is suitable for players of all ages. The game is quickly learned but hard to master like other classic games of its genre. Interface elements clearly indicating where a player may move or place their pieces makes this version easier for the novice to learn than the tabletop version, and players without a partner will be challenged by the AI opponent and online play.

Hive is a beautiful 3D game that allows the player to choose from different sets of pieces and different coloured backgrounds. While Hive is not traditionally played on a board, users may display a hex grid to aid their visualization of the game's possibilities and movements.

This version of Hive includes the Mosquito, a parasitic new Hive piece that takes on the abilities of its neighbours. Use your Mosquito cleverly as an extra Ant, Beetle or Spider. Tournament rules forbidding placement of the Queen Bee as the first move are also an option for each game.

Hive automatically drops into the current game when it starts up so you can quickly continue. The player may also save their game to finish later. Screenshots of the game may be saved to the user's photo album.
The single player mode features four levels of difficulty, including a beginner setting that will not overwhelm new players of this game. As the player defeats each level, the next is unlocked.

Two players can also play each other using one device. Now the game without a board can be played without a table.
Hive's four tile sets include a wooden set with the official Hive 2nd Edition artwork, a plastic set with the official Hive 3rd Edition artwork, a third set designed by Lotusland Studios, and a high contrast black and white 'Carbon' set designed for outdoor play.

Users may listen to their own music library when playing Hive.

Hive on the iPhone/iPod Touch offers features not found in any other electronic version - including the Mosquito expansion. Two players can enjoy the game on one device, or play the game networked over two devices.  Hive on the iPhone/iPod Touch is played by tournament rules (i.e. the Queen Bee does not move first). Multiple tile sets are included with the game; our new and exciting 'carbon' set, the 'classic' wood tile set based on the original first edition pieces and the standard 'deluxe' set.


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