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Hive Content Dimensions
At Gen42 Games, we not only create games that stimulate the mind and are fun to play, but we also pride ourselves in the quality of the pieces, that look and feel great also. This is important to us and we do our utmost to accomplish this. There's nothing more off putting then playing a brilliant game without quality pieces..
The Pieces
Made from thick, solid, heavy and highly durable plastic pieces that feel very tactile and substantial when held (similar to high quality Domino pieces).
The pieces are embossed with insect designs that are then hand painted.
The Bag
Also included is a handy zipped vinyl bag so that you can take Hive anywhere you go.
The Box
The game comes in a large rigid box with a pre-formed tray that holds all the pieces.


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Gen42's HIVE® won numerous awards during the past few years. Below are a selection of them.
Gen42 Games are committed to creating quality games for all ages.  Watch this space for new and exciting games from Gen42 Games