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The Game

Race your kart around the junkyard track through grass and mud and over bridges, avoid the traps set by the other racers and be the first player to complete five laps, proving yourself a true Junkyard Races speedster.

With a jet full of fuel securely strapped to the back of your kart, bracing yourself and praying that the jet stays together without exploding, you slowly reach back and turn the valve. The blast of the jet pins you to the back of your seat sending your kart hurtling round the yard at great speed that the track ahead blurs out of view.

Flying past Tiny and the Professor and fast approaching Tilly’s Kart, you see the chequered flag and can virtually taste the prize at the finish line.

Nothing can stop you now. You sail pass Jack’s Kart as your jet fuel gauge approaches empty and you prepare yourself for a steady cruise to the finish line.
You only hear the fateful ticking sound once your fuel is spent and the jet hisses to a stop, but by this time it’s too late. Without you knowing it, Jack must have dropped you a time bomb when you passed his Kart. The explosion sends your Kart spinning to face the opposite direction and grinds you to a sudden halt. Turning to survey the damage you see Jack and Tilly pass you at such speeds that you know, at least for today, the race is lost... But, what a race!

Your pride gets the better of you and you race again, knowing this time you will win.

Meet The JunkYard Races Characters

This junkyard has been turned into a racing ground by a group of enthusiastic speed racers who seek an adrenalin-fuelled adventure. They are:

Inside The Box 

Parts in the box:
349 parts in total
80 Parts Cards
8 Player Kart Cards
8 Player Reference Cards
9 Player Karts
80 Bottle Top Tokens
48 Checkered Flag Counters
15 Dice
100 Junk Tiles
1 Board
Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Not suitable for children
under 3 years old
Box dimensions:
W=300, H=300, D=80 [mm]
Object of Game:
Players race their Karts around the junkyard and win by completing five laps.
Each time a player completes a lap and passess the checkered line, they collect a Checkered Flag Counter.
  • The first player to collect five Checkered Flag Counters wins the game.
  • All Checkered Flag Counters collected must be visible to the other players.
  • When a player crosses the checkered line they must cross at least one bridge before crossing the checkered line to complete a full lap.

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English Rules

Gen42 Games - Junyyard Races Rules - English

German Rules

Gen42 Games - Junyyard Races Rules - German

Dutch Rules

Gen42 Games - Junyyard Races Rules - Dutch

Benefits to Children & Adults

Board games are rich in learning opportunities. They satisfy your child's competitive urges and the desire to master new skills and concepts. As such, the following benefits of playing this game is measured below:

Social Skills
Number Recognition
Shape Recognition
Grouping and Counting
Visual Perception
Color Recognition
Eye to Hand Co-ordination
Manual Dexterity
Letter Recognition & Reading

Please note: This list is by no means exhaustive. This list does not include reading the rules.