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The Game

VektoRace is a board-less car racing game that simulates Formula 8 racing with gear changes, boosts and tyre ware as you slowdown around corners.
There is no board, you create your own race track with the corner octagons provided, any size and shape you like and so the track will be different every time you play.
The gears (Vekto Rods) determine how far you can travel in your turn and you must decide which gear to use on your next turn (up, down or stay in the same gear) before the end of your turn.

A quick turn, racing game with all the thrills of over-taking, boosting past other cars and sharp braking around corners.

The cars come unassembled, which you will need to create before you play, which are quite easy to make as they are pre-folded. So it's a fun make and play game.

Inside The Box 

Parts in the box:
111 parts in total
20 Movement vectors, numbered up to 5 (4 sets)
8 Corners numbered from 1 to 8 in two different color settings
8 "Frame" rectangles
8 Position tokens numbered from 1 to 8
32 "Nitro Points" tokens
32 "Tyre Points" tokens
1 "Starting Grid" token
6 "Lap" tokens
1 "Attack Distance" token
1 "Pitwall"
1 "Formula 8 (F8)" pre-cut board
Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Not suitable for children
under 3 years old
Box dimensions:
W=290, H=290, D=50 [mm]
Object of Game:
Vektorace is a car racing game that does not require a pre-defined race track and uses a "vector movement' mechanism called Octagon System© to determine movements.
Being a race, the goal is to be the first to cross the finish line.

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English Rules

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