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The Game

Logan Stones is a two player strategic game that encourages memory and tactical thinking. It is played without a board, using 18 tactile pieces that are etched and painted on both sides with different symbols.

The game has simple rules that are based on the visually recognisable symbols of Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock blunts Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, Paper covers Rock.
Logan Stones takes the simplicity of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ and adds to it a fast pace, fun game, that can also be played with strategic precision for a much more thought provoking experience. The aim is to make a line of 4 of the same symbol, but as you and your opponent are in control of the same stones and with them constantly being flipped over to reveal new symbols, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Inside The Box 

Parts in the box:
20 parts in total
18 Tactile Game Pieces
6 'Rock' symbols
6 'Paper' symbols
6 'Scissors' symbols
Soft Travel Bag
Illustrated Rules Leaflet
Not suitable for children
under 3 years old
Box dimensions:
W=213, H=213, D=50 [mm]
Object of Game:
The first peron to make a row of four or more of the same symbol wins.

The stones that form the island do not belong to any one player, so if one player makes a row of threes of the same symbol and the next player then adds another stone with the same symbol, wins.

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English Rules

Gen42 Games - Logan Stones Rules - English

German Rules

Gen42 Games - Logan Stones Rules - German

French Rules

Gen42 Games - Logan Stones Rules - French

Benefits to Children & Adults

Board games are rich in learning opportunities. They satisfy your child's competitive urges and the desire to master new skills and concepts. As such, the following benefits of playing this game is measured below:

Social Skills
Number Recognition
Shape Recognition
Grouping and Counting
Visual Perception
Color Recognition
Eye to Hand Co-ordination
Manual Dexterity
Letter Recognition & Reading

Please note: This list is by no means exhaustive. This list does not include reading the rules.