Time Division

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Take charge of your destiny as one of two competing time agencies. Gather influential characters during 3 crucial eras (Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages, 1980's) to dominate the timeline and ensure your continued existence.
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Time Division contains cards for 3 eras: Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages, 80s. You can play a single era or a campaign of 3 eras.

Players try to win control over an era by gathering the most influential characters. They achieve this through the way they draft and play the character cards.

Each game consists of two major phases: Draft and Play.

The Draft is done simultaneously by both players. Each player distributes 3 cards between themself, their rival and the Independent Stack until all 18 Era Characters are distributed.

Play consists of 6 rounds. In each round the players play one card each. Then the player with the card of higher influence decides over the 2 played cards: Which card should be triggered by their player for its effect and which is moved to the Influence Area of their player? A coin indicates who is deciding, but also who has to play first in the next round.

Each era and each character have unique effects and therefore require a different tactical approach and deliver.


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